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Your personal Gmail assistant

Anchor shows you who’s behind the emails you receive. As your personal assistant, Anchor lets you screen incoming emails with comprehensive person and company data before you take action.

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“It’s email communication made transparent.” – Michael, CEO Ocean

Integrated in your Gmail workflow

With Anchor as your personal assistant, you do what you always did with Gmail. We just upgraded the existing Gmail workflow to include comprehensive people and company data inside your inbox, allowing you to screen people and the companies they work for directly within Gmail.

Social profiles at your fingertips

Anchor assists you by providing direct links to the sender’s social media profiles right inside Gmail. That way, it will be easy for you to catch up with recent activity or perform your due diligence before replying to incoming emails.

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    Sender information

    Everything you need to know about the person and company emailing you without having to perform tedious background checks yourself. The benefits of due diligence inside your Gmail.

  • mask

    Inbox safety

    Armor up to protect yourself. Anchor makes your Gmail safer by showing you exactly who’s behind your emails and shielding you from information-thieving email scammers.

  • monitor

    In complete privacy

    We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. We do not trade, share, sell, distribute, spread, deliver, reveal, publish, or auction off your Gmail data in any way.

We pledge that Anchor will not access or store your webmail contacts or the contents of your emails. We're not in the business of selling your information to third parties.

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